Orchid Blogs






A blog about orchids and cats.  And sometimes frogs.  Brian Donovan.  Lawrence, Kansas, USA.

Cats and Catts

Orchid enthusiast blog featuring show articles, care tips, and some orchid photography items for sale.  Sarah Heiman. Formerly in New York, now in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.

Brooklyn Orchids

Blog features information, including photos, of orchids native to the Cantabrian Mountains.  Marius van Heiningen. Spain.

Wild Nature of the Cantabrian Mountains

Blog featuring many of the native orchids found in the US Pacific Northwest.  Lynden, Washington, USA.

Serendipity and Orchids

Blog covering a variety of orchid subjects with many photos.  Switzerland.

Martine's Orchids Garden

Species and culture information for the genus Cattleya, and several related other genera.  John Denson.  Fort Riley, Kansas, USA.

Cattleya Orchid Source

Orchid news, culture notes, photos, contests, and more, in blog format.  Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Candi Orchids

Site dedicated to white colour variations of European wild orchids.  Also features a blog.  Peter Zschunke.  Frankfurt, Germany.


An orchid growing beginner describes the experience of getting started with the hobby.  Singapore.

Saving Orchids

Blog about orchid events in northeastern Brazil.  Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil.

Terra da Luz

Blog featuring both orchid species and hybrids.  Includes photos, culture notes, and scientific classifications.  Limo Depok, West Java, Indonesia.

Anggrek Lintang

Orchid news, culture, events, and other topics covered in blog format.  Italy.


Blog dedicated to the care and admiration of orchid flowers.   Los Angeles, California, USA.

Orchids by Richard

Orchid photographer and illustrator, Max Fulcher, writes about orchids and other interesting topics in his blog.  Queensland, Australia.

MaX's Orchid House

Blog posts on a variety of orchid-related topics.  Martin Gunther.  Remlingen, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Orchideen Blog

Photos, culture notes, propagation information, and more concerning the Angraecoid group of orchids.  French and English versions of the blog available.  Grunenwald Gilles.  France.

Les orchidées Angraecoid

Blog concentrating on topics related to Cymbidium hybrids.  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Blog by Kamal Prasad Acharya featuring the native orchids of Nepal.

Nepali Orchids

Growing orchids from backbulbs as an inexpensive way to increase your orchid collection.  Site features includes a blog and culture notes for many genera with photos.  Richard Lindberg.  Napa, California, USA.


Range of orchid information including culture notes, a blog, and a forum.  Peggy Wolf.  Dresden, Saxony, Germany.


Orchid care and maintenance articles by Carol in Florida, USA.

Orchid Care Lady

There are lots of pictures in this blog by a Venezuelan orchid enthusiast.

Miguel's Orchids

Photos, descriptions, and cultivation information for many orchid species.  Elisabete Delfini.  Americana, São Paulo, Brazil.

Blog da Bete Orquideas

Blog featuring orchids grown by Ivan Arroyo Altzibar.  Culture info, photos, videos.   Itziar, Gipuzkoa, Spain.

Las orquídeas de Iván Arroyo