Orchid Blogs






Focusing on the genus Cattleya, this blog features lots of information and photos of hybrids.  Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Katorogu Blog

Growing orchids from backbulbs as an inexpensive way to increase your orchid collection.  Site features includes a blog and culture notes for many genera with photos.  Richard Lindberg.  Napa, California, USA.


Focusing on small species, this blog features orchid photos, many of them in the rainforests of Central and South America.  Pontus.  Gothenburg, Sweden.

Miniature Orchids

Orchid news, culture notes, photos, contests, and more, in blog format.  Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Candi Orchids

Blog concentrating on topics related to Cymbidium hybrids.  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


While the main focus is on the genus Vanda this blog also has information, including photos and videos, of other genera and topics.  Tommy Ljunggren.  Sweden.


Range of orchid information including culture notes, a blog, and a forum.  Peggy Wolf.  Dresden, Saxony, Germany.


From books to music to species, this blog covers a wide range of orchid topics.  Zulkifli.  Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia.


The trials and tribulations of growing tropical plants in a tiny apartment where it's definitely NOT tropical... Wyoming, USA.

Tang's Orchids and Violets

Blog featuring information about the orchids found in the subtribe Catasetinae.


Blog promoting the preservation of tropical orchid habitats and biodiversity.  Olga Caussade.  Charenton le Pont, France.


Engaging articles, videos, and photos focusing on diverse topics from orchid culture to specific species details.  Spain.

Orquídeas Blog de Angel Mar

Blog about growing tropical orchids in southern Europe. Antonio I. Ramos. Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Spain.

Orquídeas por Antonio

Blog covering orchid news, views, stories, and technology from around-the-world.  Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

Genetic Jungle

Species and culture information for the genus Cattleya, and several related other genera.  John Denson.  Fort Riley, Kansas, USA.

Cattleya Orchid Source

Blog by Kamal Prasad Acharya featuring the native orchids of Nepal.

Nepali Orchids

Orchid photographer and illustrator, Max Fulcher, writes about orchids and other interesting topics in his blog.  Queensland, Australia.

MaX's Orchid House

Orchid photos and culture notes by one of the owners of Orchid Dynasty in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Orchid Dynasty Blog

Blog with orchid information including photos.  Lang Son City, Vietnam.

Orchids Blog

A blog about orchid growing in Virginia, USA.


The trials, tribulations, joy and fun of growing plants on a balcony in a little town in Africa.  James Stapley.  Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Orchids on a Balcony

New York enthusiast blog featuring show articles, care tips, and some orchid photography items for sale.  Sarah Heiman. Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Brooklyn Orchids

Orchid cultivation information, in blog format, featuring photographs of orchids grown locally.  Imran Yusuf.  Selangor, Malaysia.

Penggemar Orkid Malaysia

Orchid arrangements offered for delivery in NYC.  The site also features a blog with orchid care tips.  Juliette Vassilkioti.  New York, New York, USA.

Orchid Diva