Orchid Books






Photos of wild orchids, labelled with the scientific and common names, found in the Anglesea region.   A printed field guide book is also offered.  Everett Foster and Margaret MacDonald.  Anglesea, Victoria, Australia.

Anglesea Orchids

Selection of orchid books available.  Dr. Pamela Burns-Balogh.  Champaign, Illinois, USA.

Balogh International

Regional monograph on the indigenous orchids of the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa.

Cape Orchids

Cattleya, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, and other genera available.   Boarding services.  Book

Chadwick and Son Orchids

Comprehensive book about Paphiopedilum hybridization by Günther Dankmeyer.  Germany.


Collecting and selling orchid books (in many languages) since 1992.  Bert van Zuylen.  Zeeland, Netherlands.

De Boekenbeurs - Bert van Zuylen

Specializing in buying and selling used, and new, orchid books.  Sergio Araujo.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Fina Orquídea Distribuidora de Livros

Conserving the remnant native vegetation found around Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills area.  Field guide of local orchids and a DVD are available.  Established 2006.  Robert Lawrence.  South Australia, Australia.

Heritage Bushcare

UK-based bookseller with a diverse selection of orchid books available.  Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom.

Keith's Plant Books

Specializing in botany publications. Over 600 items on orchids.  Sven Koeltz.  Oberreifenberg, Germany.

Koeltz Botanical Books

Information regarding three books written by Lance Birk... The Paphiopedilum Grower's Manual, The Last Orchid Hunter, and Growing Cymbidium Orchids at Home.

Lance A. Birk

Assortment of orchids offered.  Bookstore.  M. Wolff.  Wonfurt-Steinsfeld, Germany.

M & M Orchideen

Online sales in books (written in several languages) about orchids, and fruits.  Turriers, France.

Naturalia Publications

Orchid culture sheet service,  books,  day length tables, orchid fragrance summary, light and humidity information.  Charles and Margaret Baker.  Portland, Oregon, USA.

Orchid Species Culture

Orchid literature (both new and pre-owned) from around the world.  Grahame and Margaret Muller.  Tinana, Queensland, Australia.

Orchidaceous Books

Orchid species and CD-ROMs are offered for sale.  Winfried Schraut and Herbert Schildhauer.  Ismaning, Bavaria, Germany.

Orchids & More...

Book of photographs taken by members and donated to help support the RVO OrchidTalk Forums.

Orchids Through Our Eyes

Several books about orchid growing, with an emphasis on Florida, are offered.  Mary and Martin Motes.  Florida, USA.

Redland Press

Quite a few orchid books are available from this publisher in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Timber Press