Orchids in Belgium






Membership information, videos, photo gallery, events, and more.  Founded in 1983.  Brussels, Belgium.

Société Belge d’Orchidophilie

Flemish Orchid Society of Belgium.  Forum, membership, and activities information.  Founded in 1973.  Belgium.

Orchideeën Vereniging Vlaanderen

News, membership, contact, and events information.  Diepenbeek, Limburg, Belgium.

OVV Limburg

Range of orchid species and hybrids offered.  Orchid growing accessories such as pots and fertilizers are also available.   Kontich (Antwerp), Belgium.

Orchid Jacky

Selection of orchids offered.  Orchid photo gallery.   Dirk and Diane Bruyninckx - De Langhe.  Schoten, Belgium.

Akerne Orchids

Range of orchid species and hybrids offered.  Established in 1887.  Sint-Denijs-Westrem, Belgium.

Orchideeënkwekerij Petrens

Specializing in orchid propagation technologies.  Selection of orchid species, including Cypripedium,  Dactylorhiza,  Phalaenopsis, and Cattleya offered in flasks, and a few as plants.  Wholesale and retail pricing.  Sart-Tilman, Belgium.


Information on European and tropical orchids.  Culture notes, newsletters, club activities, and membership information. Founded 1999.  Liège, Belgium.

Club des Amateurs Wallons d'Orchidées

Specializing in orchid hybrids, species are also available.  Nalinnes (Charleroi), Belgium.

L'Amazone Orchidées

Events, membership, and contact information.  Photo gallery and web-based discussion forum. Brussels, Belgium.

Les Orchidophiles Réunis de Belgique

Collaborative work carried out in Central Africa and Belgium by Vincent Droissart, Réginald Dessi, Tariq Stévart, Bonaventure Sonké, Murielle Simo, Daniel Geerinck, and others.  Online photograph database and taxonomic keys are featured on the site.

Orchids of Central Africa

Several genera of orchids offered including some European terrestrials.  Londerzeel, Belgium.


Group of orchid enthusiasts who meet monthly to organize activities and learn about their favourite plants.  Bièvre, Belgium.

Cercle Orchidophilique Namur-Ardenne

Photos of orchids in Romania and other European countries.  Orchid book reviews. Rik Neirynck.  Bottelare, Belgium

Rik's Orchid Site

Information about the genus Ophrys, including over 3900 images from across Europe.  James Mast de Maeght.  Belgium.


Club forum, membership, and events information.  Founded 1997.  Montigny-le-Tilleul, Belgium.

L'Ami des Orchidées Montigny-le-Tilleul

Membership and activities information for this group of enthusiasts in the Antwerp area.  Kontich, Belgium.

Orchideeën Vereniging Antwerpen

Membership, contact, and activities information for the B.O.V. -vzw Brabantse Orchideeën Vereniging - vzw.  Belgium.

Belgian/Brussels Orchid Society

Contact, history, newsletter, and events information.  Founded in 1986.  Enghien, Hainaut, Belgium.

Club des Orchidophiles Wallons (COW)

Specializing in Phalaenopsis.  Established in 1970.  Frank Coupe.  Melle, Belgium.

Orchideen Coupé

Site includes photos of several orchid genera.  Patrick Cloes.  Belgium.

Orchids of Patrick Cloes

Section of the Belgian Naturalists group, this group has members interested in the indigenous orchids of Europe and the Mediterranean area.  Belgium.

Section Orchidees d'Europe des Naturalistes belges

Membership, activities, photos, and contact information.  Founded in 1994.  Ransart (Charleroi), Belgium.

L'ami des orchidées

Wide range of orchid culture notes, lithographies/photos, and European show information.  Brussels, Belgium.

Orchidées Exotiques