Orchids in Hawaii






Membership info and events.  Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Honolulu Orchid Society

Membership, events, history, photos, and contact information.  Founded 1938.  Hilo, Hawaii, USA.

Hilo Orchid Society

Membership and events information.  Founded in 1941, meetings are held monthly at the Wailuku Community Center (Maui), Hawaii, USA.

Maui Orchid Society

Specializing in orchid species and novelty hybrids.  Wholesale available.  Established 1979.  Leonard Gines.  Keaau(on the Big Island), Hawaii, USA.

Gines Orchids

Selection of orchid genera offered including Dendrobium, Oncidium, and Cattleya.  Peter Neifert.  Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA.

Olomana Orchids

Family owned and operated business specializing in orchid species.  Hybrids are also offered.  Photo gallery.  Established in 1983.  Kurtistown (on the Big Island near Hilo), Hawaii, USA.

Quintal Farms

Membership, events, and contact information.  Founded in 1985.  Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA.

Kona Orchid Society

Orchids offered for sale includes Vanda, Oncidium, and Dendrobium. Established in 1995 by Joseph K├ękedi.   Pahoa (not far from Hilo), Hawaii, USA.

Orchids Paradise

Potted warm tolerant Cymbidium varieties and cut flowers offered for sale.  Plugs and flasks are also available.  Established in 2005.  Jennifer Snyder and Bob Harris.  Kamuela, Hawaii, USA.

OrchidPeople of Hawaii

Orchid hybrids and species offered includes Paphiopedilum, Masdevallia, Angraecum, Aerangis, and Lycaste.  Graham Wood.  Mountain View (on the Big Island), Hawaii, USA.

Lehua Orchids

Cattleya Alliance, Vanda Alliance, Cymbidiums, Oncidium Intergenerics, and more offered.  Established in 1947.  Les Kawamoto.  Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Kawamoto Orchid Nursery

Activities include shows, family night, auction, banquet, field trips, and more.   Founded in 1953.  Aiea, Hawaii, USA.

Aiea Orchid Club

Specializing in miniature cymbidiums and rare species.  Volcano, Hawaii, USA.

Jungle Mist Orchids

Membership, history, events, and contact information.  Founded in 1952.  Kaneohe (Oahu), Hawaii, USA.

Windward Orchid Society

Small specialty nursery with a focus on compact growing Cattleyas, Paphiopedilums, and genera from the subtribe Catasetinae.   Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Nuuanu Orchids

Select nobile type Dendrobiums, mostly tetraploids, offered.  Retail and wholesale.  Established 1974.  Mt. View, Hawaii, USA.

Yamamoto Dendrobiums - Hawaii

Wholesale, retail, and mail order orchid nursery specializing in Cattleyas.  Established in 2004.  Ben Oliveros.  Mountain View (on the slopes of Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island), Hawaii, USA.

Orchid Eros

Meetings, contact, and events information.  Newsletters and photo gallery.  Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Kaimuki Orchid Society

Cattleyas, Phalaenopsis, Oncidiums, and Dendrobiums offered.  Flasks available.  Culture notes.  Established in 1960.  Hakalau, Hawaii, USA.

Carmela Orchids

Selection of orchids available.  Waimanalo, Hawaii, USA.

H & R Nurseries

Orchid species, hybrid varieties, and growing supplies available.  Videos, guest cottages, and a webcam are also featured.  Established 1996.  Neill and Fely Sams.  Kapa'a (on Kauai), Hawaii, USA.

Orchid Alley Kauai

Selection of orchids offered for sale.  Culture notes.  Haiku, Maui, Hawaii, USA.

Fragrant Orchids of Maui

Orchid genera available includes Bulbophyllum, Cattleya, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, and Vanda.  Established in 1997.  Haiku, Hawaii, USA.

Exotic Orchids of Maui

Cut flowers and mature plants offered.  Established in 1974.  Moriyasu Akatsuka.  Volcano (on the Big Island), Hawaii, USA.

Akatsuka Orchid Gardens