Orchids in New York






Contact and event info.  Indoor growing tips and photos.  New York, New York, USA.

Manhattan Orchid Society

Events calendar and other membershipship info.  AOS culture sheets, FAQ, and articles.  Rochester, New York, USA.

Genesee Region Orchid Society

Contact and events info.  Newsletter.  Rhinebeck, New York, USA.

Mid-Hudson Orchid Society

The goal of the Long Island Orchid Society is to provide its members with the knowledge to make orchid growing fun.  Membership, contact, and events information.  Founded in 1953.  Lynbrook, New York, USA.

Long Island Orchid Society

Newsletters, activities, photos, and contact details.  Staten Island, New York, New York, USA.

Staten Island Orchid Society

An artist, designer, cat whisperer, and orchid wooer writes about her experiences growing orchids in a Brooklyn apartment.  Colleen Rochette.  New York, USA.

Lady Orchid

A photo journal about growing orchids.  Plant descriptions, care, and photo gallery.  New York, New York, USA.

Maria's Orchids

Catalog, photo gallery, and culture notes.  Glen Decker.  Galway, New York, USA.

Piping Rock Orchids

Orchid arrangements offered for delivery in NYC.  The site also features a blog with orchid care tips.  Juliette Vassilkioti.  New York, New York, USA.

Orchid Diva

Activities, newsletters, and contact information.  Founded 1963.  Colonie, New York, USA.

North Eastern New York Orchid Society

Membership and events info.  Current and past newsletters available for downloading in pdf format.  Baldwinsville, New York, USA.

Central New York Orchid Society

Selection of orchids offered including Bulbophyllum, Cattleya, Cymbidium, Dendrobiums, Encyclia, Madevallia, Phragmipedium, and Zygopetalum.  Jim Marlow.  Scottsville, New York, USA.

Marlow Orchids

Events calendar, membership, and contact information.  Founded in the 1960s. Endicott, New York, USA.

Southern Tier Orchid Society

Orchids, supplies, and culture guide.  Monthly service for corporate accounts.  Viviane and Glafkos Keramidas.  Brewster, New York, USA.

Venamy Orchids

Society information and photo galleries.  Buffalo, New York, USA.

Niagara Frontier Orchid Society

Specializing in Miltoniopsis divisions.  Salvatore Cutone.  Westtown, New York, USA.

Miltoniopsis Orchids From Select Orchids

Variety of genera listed including Phrags and Paphs.  Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Mount Prospect Orchids

Botanical artist Angela Mirro displays her work.  Prints and notecards available.  New York, New York, USA.

Angela Mirro