Orchids in New Zealand






Comprehensive guide to the native orchids of New Zealand.  Includes photos and descriptions of all the species, plus online editions of the NZ Native Orchid Group's journals.

New Zealand Native Orchids

Photos of many of the terrestrial orchids found in New Zealand.

Flickr: New Zealand Native Orchids

The NZOS is dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of orchid growing in New Zealand.  Founded in 1948.  Auckland, New Zealand.

New Zealand Orchid Society

NZNOG members are from throughout New Zealand and abroad and are united in their strong interest in the native orchids of New Zealand.

New Zealand Native Orchid Group

Membership, events, and contact information.  Photo gallery.  Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Manawatu Orchid Society

Range of genera offered including Cymbidiums, Zygopetalums, Odontoglossums, Australian Dendrobiums and Sarcochilus.  Ross and Susan Tucker.  Auckland, New Zealand.

Tucker's Orchid Nursery

Forest eco tours, with the possibility of seeing up to 18 different species of orchids, in the far north of New Zealand are offered.  New Zealand.

Forest of Ruru

Orchid photos and history of Ray Kelly, who has been growing and hybridizing orchids for over 50 years.  Auckland, New Zealand.

Ray's Orchids

Several products offered for use as organic orchid growing media.  Christchurch, New Zealand.


Meetings, shows, photos, and contact information.  Howick, New Zealand.

Howick Orchid Society

Cut Cymbidium flowers offered for export during the northern hemisphere off-season.  Established 2008.  Auckland, New Zealand.


Events, newsletters, photo gallery, membership, and contact information.  Auckland, New Zealand.

Waitakere Orchid Club

Suppliers of bark for use as an orchid growing medium.  Established in 2000.  Hans and Anita van de Ven.  Taranaki, New Zealand.

Taranaki Bark Products

Wholesale producer of Cymbidiums.  Nelson, New Zealand.

Kiwi Orchids