Orchids in Ontario






Offering orchid growers the opportunity to meet, learn, and expand their knowledge through lectures, workshops, seminars, and more.  Meetings are held at the Toronto Botanical Garden.  Founded 1965.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Southern Ontario Orchid Society

Information on membership, events, and meetings. Orchid photographs and conservation information. Founded in 1978.  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Ottawa Orchid Society

Supplying Phalaenopsis orchids to Ontario and Upstate New York.  Established 2011.  Welland, Ontario, Canada.


History, meeting, events, and contact information.  Home of OrchPics Query. Founded in 1976.  London, Ontario, Canada.

London Orchid Society

Celebrating the diversity, beauty, and preservation of orchids and wild flowers on the Bruce Peninsula.  Tobermory, Ontario, Canada.

Bruce Peninsula Orchid Festival

Specializing in Neofinetia falcata and other Japanese orchids.  Terry Kowalczuk.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Flora Peculia

Membership and events information.  Photo gallery.  Founded in 1985.  Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Windsor Orchid Society

Orchid FAQ, guide to artificial lighting, list of orchid genera and hybrids, culture notes, and links.  Jerry Bolce.  Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Orchid House

Orchid photography, resources, culture info, and growing supplies.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ravenvision Orchid Experience

Orchid discussion forum with a wide variety of topics to choose from.  Also features a live chat area and photo gallery.


Membership and activities info.  Canadian native orchids listing including locations, descriptions, and flowering season.  Orchid growing info for beginners.  Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Orchid Society of the Royal Botanical Gardens

Contact and membership information.   Newsletters and history.  Founded in 1985.  Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Central Ontario Orchid Society

Grower and seller of orchids.  Toronto and St. Catherines (greenhouse), Ontario, Canada.

Orchid Greens

Membership, events, and contact information for this new society in the Essex-Windsor area of  Southern Ontario.  Founded in 2009.  Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Essex County Orchid Society

Orchid species, hybrids, supplies, and culture advice are available.  Claudio Rossi.  Jordan Station, Ontario, Canada.

Cloud's Orchids

Limited selection of orchid species and hybrids available.  Talks, blog, photo gallery, and 3D Phalaenopsis images.  Drew Goddard.  Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

This Side of Paradise

The aim of TAOA is to promote and expand interest in orchid cultivation, and to acquire methods and skills.  Members communicate in Chinese and speak Cantonese.  Founded in 2002.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Toronto Artistic Orchid Association

Selection of orchids offered.  Wholesale pricing available.  World record.  Culture tips.  Oldcastle, Ontario, Canada.

Zephyrus Orchids

Large-scale producer of Phalaenopsis orchids.  Established 2004.  Neil and Mike van Steekelenburg.   Beamsville, Ontario, Canada.

CosMic Plants

Selection orchid genera offered including Cattleya, Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Odontoglossum.  Established 1987.  Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

Crystal Star Nursery

Images of Neofinetia falcata orchids grown by an enthusiast in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Japanese Neofinetia Orchid

Membership, events, and orchid growing info.  Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Kingston Orchid Society

Activities, contact, and membership information.  Thorold, Ontario, Canada.

Niagara Region Orchid Society

Orchid paintings (tempera, oil, silver or gold leaf, on canvas) by Ilona Biernot.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ilona Biernot Orchid Portraits