Orchids in Queensland






Amateur photographer, grower of orchid species and judge. The site has over 8,000 photographs of around 4,300 species and more are being added from time to time. There are also a number of articles and links to other orchid species sites. Cannon Hill, Queensland, Australia.

Orchid Photographs by Gary Yong Gee

Grower, retailer, and wholesaler of subtropical and temperate orchids that do well in coastal Australian climates.   Established 1994.  Habana (Central Coast), Queensland, Australia.

Orchids Mackay

Orchid culture information concentrating on the genus Cattleya.  John Hughes.  Bundaberg, Queenland, Australia.

Hughes Cattleyas

Orchid growing media, pots, hangers, trays, labels, and an assortment of other supplies available.  Established 2006.  Grahame and Margaret Muller.  Tinana, Queensland, Australia.

Orchidaceous Supplies

Membership, flasking, viruses, scanning, record keeping, and nomenclature info.  Equitant (Tolumnia) Oncidiums and mini-Cattleyas  introduction.  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Brisbane Orchid Society

Retailer of orchid growing products and supplies.  Links and information about Australian orchid societies and shows.  Southport, Queensland, Australia.

Orchid Den

Membership, events, and contact information.  Founded 1934.  Red Hill (Brisbane suburb), Queensland, Australia.

Queensland Orchid Society

Membership information, events, news, culture info for growing orchids in tropical climates, and history of the society.  Founded 1947.  Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Townsville Orchid Society

Events, membership, and contact information.  Photo gallery.  Founded in 1955.  Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

Rockhampton Orchid Society

Retail and wholesale nursery.  Established 1995.  Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Alices Orchids

Encouraging an interest and appreciation of orchids.  Founded 1971.  Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.

Bundaberg Orchid Society

Events calendar, newsletter, membership, and contact information. Founded in 1955.  Nambour, Queensland, Australia.

Nambour Orchid Society

Specialists in Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, and Cattleya orchids since 1980.  West Woombye, Queensland, Australia.

Robertson Orchids

Group of enthusiasts interested in Australia's native orchids and their hybrids. Photo gallery, events, contact, and events information. Bald Hills, Queensland, Australia.

Australasian Native Orchid Society - Kabi Group

Photos and information on many orchid species.  Ken Blackburn.  Queensland, Australia.

Orchid Files

Meetings, contacts, and events info.  Founded in 1934.  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Queensland Orchid International

A blog for Phalaenopsis orchid enthusiasts, includes information about in vitro micropropagation and flasking.  David Vaughan.  Was in Cape Town, South Africa, now in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Phalaenopsis Spot

Membership, events, and contact information.  Founded in 1982. Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia.

Beaudesert Districts Orchid and Foliage Society

Events, membership, contact, and meetings information.  Newsletters and photo galleries.  Gympie, Queensland, Australia.

Gympie and District Orchid Society

Flasks and plants offered.  Photo gallery, culture notes, and newsletters.  John, Jeannie, and David Woolf.  Toowoomba West, Queensland, Australia.

Woolf OrchidCulture

Society news, activities, and photos.  Founded in 1987.  Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia.

Bribie Island Orchid Society

Tubes, flasks, and plants offered from an extensive listing of orchid species.  Articles and photos.  Ian and Pat Walters.  Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Burleigh Park Orchids

Orchid literature (both new and pre-owned) from around the world.  Grahame and Margaret Muller.  Tinana, Queensland, Australia.

Orchidaceous Books

Events calendar, culture notes, photo gallery, contact, and membership information.  Founded 1984.  Cooroy, Queensland, Australia.

Noosa District Orchid & Foliage Society