Orchids in Sweden






Swedish Orchid Society.  Contact, show, discussion forum, and event information.  Founded in 1956.  Sweden.

Svenska Orkidésällskapet

Showcasing, through images and descriptions, the beauty and diversity of European orchids.  Ivar Edvinsen.  Sweden.

Europas orkidéer

Blog covering an interesting mix of orchid topics with a focus on Pleurothallid Alliance culture.   Karma Forester.  Gothenburg, Sweden.

Orchid Karma

Focusing on small species, this blog features orchid photos, many of them in the rainforests of Central and South America.  Pontus.  Gothenburg, Sweden.

Miniature Orchids

Selection of plants, reading material, and supplies offered. Stockholm, Sweden.


The Western Sweden Orchid Society meets monthly at the Botanical Gardens in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Västsvenska Orkidésällskapet

Blog about creating a garden filled with orchids, bromeliads, and ferns.  And the animal species that live among them, or visit.  Sweden.


Thomas Ditlevsen combines two of his favourite hobbies, orchid growing and photography.  Sweden.

Thomas Orchids

Selection of orchids, both species and hybrids, offered for sale.  Marita Åkesson.  Gothenburg, Sweden.

Åkesson Orkideer

Propagation of orchids from Europe, North America, and temperate parts of Asia.  Svante Malmgren and Henric Nystrom.  Sweden.


Specializing in Vanda orchids with several genera offered for sale.  Videos and articles.   Vanda cultivation information for growing indoors in a home environment. Established in 2010. Tommy Ljunggren.  Sweden.

It's all about Vandas

Activities and contact info for this organization formed in 1972.  Sweden.

Sydsvenska Orkidésällskapet

Native orchids of Sweden... descriptions, photos, and maps.  Eric Elgebrant.  Sweden.

Sveriges bofasta orkidéer

Photographs of orchids, vivarium construction, cats (the four-legged variety), and more.  Karma Forester (orchidkarma). Gothenburg, Sweden.

Flickr: Karma Forester

Members discuss a wide range of orchid topics in this forum.  Articles, courses, photos, buy and sell, and more.  Bjorn Johansson.  Sweden.


Photographs and descriptions of orchids from around Sweden.   Par Johnsson.

Sveriges Orkideer

Activities, meetings, contact, and membership information.  Founded 2003.  Karlstad, Sweden.

Karlstads Orkidéklubb

An orchid enthusiast cultivates several orchid genera, including Cattleya, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, and Phragmipedium, on a windowsill.  Jan Jonsson.  Sweden.

Jans Orkidéer

Photos and stories about looking for orchids in the mountain rainforests of Costa Rica.  A blog by Pontus from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Orchid Hunter

Photos of orchid flowers, greenhouses, and events.  Tommy Ljunggren.  Sweden.

Flickr: Tommy Ljunggren

Photographs of orchids and other flowers.  Peter Bryder.  Bjarred, Sweden.


While the main focus is on the genus Vanda this blog also has information, including photos and videos, of other genera and topics.  Tommy Ljunggren.  Sweden.


Wild orchids in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.  Sven Birkedal.  Sweden.


Orchid growing supplies including lighting, orchidariums, and Epiweb products.  Jenny Linds.  Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden.

Dusk Tropic