Orchids in Switzerland






Meetings, events, awards, and contact info.  The SOS is the governing body for the 11 regional groups in Switzerland.

SOS - Swiss Orchid Society

World Orchid Iconography (a database with graphical material for many orchid species), OrchidKeys (interactive keys to search European orchid species) and BibliOrchidea (orchid literature database with more than 150,000 entries, maintained by Rudolf Jenny).

Swiss Orchid Foundation at the Herbarium Jany Renz

Hardy orchids, including Cypripedium, Bletilla, Calanthe, Dactylorhiza, Pleione, Epipactis, and Habenaria, suitable for growing in a garden are offered.  The site also features culture notes and photographs.  Johann Blättler.  Kerns, Switzerland.

Gartenorchideen Johann Blättler

Meetings, activities, shows, and contact information.  Bern, Switzerland.

Orchideen Bern

Information about the orchid genus Barkeria.  Features of the site includes Barkeria photos, growing info, maps, and a forum.  Roland Schafflützel.  Münchenbuchsee, Switzerland.

Barkeria Schweiz

Events and contact info.  Photos.  Zurich, Switzerland.

Schweizerische Orchideengesellschaft - Zurich

Orchid species, hybrids, and growing supplies offered.  Established 2016.  Andrea Martina.  Lugano, Switzerland.


Group concerned mainly with the native orchids of Switzerland.  Contact and meetings info.  Switzerland.


Promoting orchids through lectures, public events, and protection of natural habitats.  Founded 1961.  Dornach, Switzerland.

Orchideenclub Regio Basilensis

Variety of orchids for sale.  Prangins, Switzerland.

Orchidarium (.ch)

Blog covering a variety of orchid subjects with many photos.  Switzerland.

Martine's Orchids Garden

Orchid species and hybrids offered.  Division of Luzerner Garten.  Established in 1975.  Bruno Jenny.  Ebikon, Switzerland.

Luzerner Garten

Orchid group events, membership, and contact information.  Morges, Switzerland.

SSO Groupe de Romandie

Selection of orchids and orchid growing supplies offered.  Lamboing, Bern, Switzerland.

Orchidée Reymond

Commercial grower near Wangen, Switzerland.  Slideshow of facilities, photos, and culture notes.

Meyer Pflanzenkulturen

Paphiopedilum culture notes and photos.  Erika and Roland Rusterholz.  Neerach, Switzerland.

Neeri - Orchids

Orchid market garden offering a variety of products.  Sirnach, Switzerland.

Orchideen - Amsler

News, events, membership, and contact information.  Lucerne, Switzerland.

OrchideenFreunde Zentralschweiz

Orchid photos including Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis, Odontoglossum, and other genera.  Switzerland.