Orchids in Netherlands






Membership, contact, events, and other information for the Ultrecht Orchid Circle.  Associated with the Dutch Orchid Society.  Bilthoven, Netherlands.

Orchideeën Kring Utrecht

Dutch orchid society especially for those interested in the propagation of terrestrial and tropical orchids.  Four meetings a year take place at the botanic gardens in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Vereniging Orchideeën Vermeerdering

Selection of orchid species and hybrids offered.  Nederweert-Eind, Limburg, Netherlands.

Orchideeën Shop

Orchid catalogue and photo gallery.  Culture notes.  Rene Klinge. Nederhorst den Berg, Netherlands.

Klinge Orchideeën

Membership and events information for this group of about 140 Dutch orchid enthusiasts.  Growing tips and embroidery patterns.  Founded 1977.  Meetings are held 6 times a year at the Botanical Gardens of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Orchideeën Vereniging 't Gooi

Primarily offering cacti, the site also lists many species of orchids for sale.  Allard Bax.  Groningen, Netherlands.


Over the Moon Orchids (Koehler Orchids) is a wholesale nursery offering an assortment of orchids.  Aalsmeer, North Holland, Netherlands.

OTM Orchids

Selection of orchids, and other plants, offered for sale.  Orchid care tips.  Bergschenhoek, Netherlands.


Specializing in Vandas, originating in Thailand.  Company history and culture information.  Established in 1998.  Steef van Adrichem.  Wateringen, Netherlands.

Anco Pure Vanda

Selection of Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium available for retail sales.  Netherlands.

BC Orchids

Group activities, photos, and contact information.  Baarlo,  Netherlands.

Orchideeënkring Noord en Midden Limburg

Selection of orchids available for the retail and wholesale markets.  Growing orchids since 1974.  Wim and Herbert Wooning.  Bleiswijk, Netherlands.

Wooning Orchids

Large commercial orchid producer concentrating on Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Miltoniopsis, Odontoglossum, and Dendrobium.  Heemskerk, Netherlands.


Commercial producer of cut-flower Cymbidiums.  Established 1976.  Peter Zwinkels.  De Lier, South Holland, Netherlands.

Peet Zwink

Membership, events, contact, and meetings information.  Etten Leur, Netherlands.

Orchideeën Kring - Noord Brabant West en Zeeland

Orchid information, including links to orchid groups and vendors, and site design services.  The Netherlands.


Large wholesale grower specializing in Dendrobum nobile.  Established 1928.  Delfgauw, Netherlands.

De Hoog Orchids

Nursery specialized in the cultivation of standard Cymbidium hybrids.  Leo Zwinkels.  Netherlands.

LZ Orchidee

Collecting and selling orchid books (in many languages) since 1992.  Bert van Zuylen.  Zeeland, Netherlands.

De Boekenbeurs - Bert van Zuylen

Activities and membership information.  Member of the Dutch Orchid Association (Nederlandse Orchideeen Vereniging).  Netherlands.

Orchideeënvereniging Noord-Oost Brabant

Large-scale commercial Paphiopedilum hybrid grower.  Netherlands.

P.P. Orchideeën

Quality images of terrestrial orchids native to tropical habitats.  Pieter C. Brouwer.  Netherlands.

Terrestrial Tropical Orchids

Orchid species and hybrids available for purchase.  Haren, Groningen, Netherlands.

Reinhart Orchideeën

Wild orchids photographed in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, and Greece.  Frank Verhart.  Bemelen, Netherlands.

Frank Nature: European Orchids Photographed