Orchids in France






Wild orchids around Saint-Antonin are featured.   Liliane Pessotto and Bernard Lemoine.  France.

Orchidees du Tarn-et-Garonne

Selection of hybrids and species offered.  Photo gallery.  Founded 1886.  Roquebrune sur Argens, France.

Les Orchidees de Michel Vacherot

Native orchids of southeastern France.  Photos and distribution maps.  Orchid site links.  Pierre Michel Blais.   Entrecasteaux, France.

Orchidees de Provence

Equipment and supplies available for propagating orchids.  Françoise Wagner-Chaboud.  Lagnieum, France.


Membership, activities, photos, and information about local species.  Founded 2010.  Aquitaine, France.

Aquitaine - SFO

Photographs of orchids growing in various locations around Europe.  Alain Bonny.  France.

Orchidees Europeennes

Many photos of the the native orchids found in the Isère area in the east of France.

Orchidees Isère

Active group of orchid enthusiasts associated with the Fédération Française des Amateurs d'Orchidées. France.

Orchidée 78

Growing orchids on the 13th floor in southern Burgundy.  France.

Mes orchidées au 13 ème étage

Association whose primarily purpose is the study of wild orchids found on Corsica.  Founded 2000.  Corsica, France.

Association Cyrno-Méditerranéenne d'Orchidologie

Association membership details and events.  Saint-Prix, France.

Orchidee 95

Photographs of orchids found in Europe, including Anacamptis, Cypripedium, Dactylorhiza, Epipactis, Ophrys, and Orchis.  Nicolas Helitas.  France.

Nicolas Helitas - Nature Photographer

High altitude orchids found in France.

Orchidees des Hautes - Alpes

Orchid news, events, encyclopedia,  glossary, cultivation tips, and more.  Brittany, France.

Planète des orchidées

Photographs of orchids found in France.  Eric Bourneuf.

Images de la Flore de France

Association news, events, photos, native orchid info, and more.  Charenton le Pont, France.

Association Pachacamac

Photos and descriptions of Madagascar and the orchids found there.  Dominique Karadjoff.  France.

Madagascar et ses Orchidees

Photos, events, articles, and member information.  The emphasis is on tropical orchids, but the site also features information about the local native orchids.  France.

Association Auboise d'Orchidophilie Exotique

Flowering times and photos of wild orchids occurring in the Restinclieres area (north of Montpellier).  France.

Orchidées à Restinclières

Orchid species and hybrids grown and offered for sale.  Arsac, Gironde, France.


Distribution and habitat information, based on observations from 1975 to the present, for orchids occurring in the Hérault department of France.

Orchidées du 34

Online sales in books (written in several languages) about orchids, and fruits.  Turriers, France.

Naturalia Publications

Membership, activities, and contact information.  List of regional orchids.  France.

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - SFO

Selection of orchid species and hybrids offered for sale.  Established in 2003.  Plougastel-Daoulas, Brittany, France.

Buscal Orchidees