Orchid Discussion Forums






A forum to discuss and learn about all aspects of orchids.

Orchid Geeks Forum

Orchid discussion forum covering a diverse selection of topics.  Norway.

Norsk Orkideforenings diskusjonsforum: Fettbladet

Web-based forum with many orchid topics discussed.  Section of the Flo Orchids site.  Kiev, Ukraine.

Orchids and all Potted Plants Forum

Forum for discussing all aspects of the lives of wild, native orchids, especially terrestrial plants growing in the Northern Hemisphere.

NativeOrchids - Yahoo! Group

Forum created for the purpose of buying, selling, and trading orchids (and other plants).  Kiev, Ukraine.


Online community where members learn and share their experiences with orchids.

Orchids Forum

Culture notes, forum and photo gallery.  Information about orchid culture, transplanting, nutrition, and more.  Ukraine.

Orchid Club

Forum devoted to the discussion of wild European orchids.  France.


Bringing together orchid enthusiasts and professionals to help protect the 34 orchid species found in Latvia, and to raise people's awareness of the orchid hobby.  In the site's discussion forum, Latvian is the primary language, but other languages are also welcomed. Founded in 2009.  Latvia.

Latvian Orchid Society

Web-based discussion forum with a focus on the native orchids of China.  Features include image uploads and classified ads.  Fang Ray.  Yunnan Province, China.

Chinese Orchidaceae Forum

Forum for discussing orchid topics including sections for buying, selling, and exchanging.  Kiev, Ukraine.


Articles, club information, and discussion forum.  Descriptions and photos of local orchids. Minsk, Belarus.

Belarus Orchid Club

Orchid cultivation, events, and other topics are discussed in this Czech language forum.

Czech Orchid Forum

Group created in 2004 to discuss, in Portuguese, many different topics related to growing orchids.

Orquídea Cattleya bicolor - Yahoo! Group

Discussion of a wide range of orchid topics including culture, identification, vendor reviews, and events.  Photo gallery.   Francois Hebler.  France.

Orchid Spirit

Sections of this forum include orchid disussions, photos, and contests.  Part of the main MOLO (Moscow Orchid Society) site.  Moscow, Russia.

MOLO Forum

Orchid discussion forum concentrating on the native orchids of Germany and elsewhere in Europe.  Ronny Reimer.  Germany.

Das heimische Orchideen Forum

Web-based discussion forum, part of the PTMO site.  Poland.

Storczyki - Forum

Specializing in the production of Cymbidium and Odontoglossum Alliance hybrids.  Discussion forum, consultancy service, and photo gallery.  Established 1973.  Andy Easton.  Salinas, California, USA.

New Horizon Orchids

Orchid discussion forum, photography, chat, and articles.  Massachusetts, USA.

Crazy Orchid Lady Forum

Hosted by the Danish Orchid Society for all Danish speaking orchid lovers.

Dansk Orkideforum

Range of orchid information including culture notes, a blog, and a forum.  Peggy Wolf.  Dresden, Saxony, Germany.


Mailing list devoted to the Pleurothallid Alliance.

Pleurothallid Alliance Mailing List

Forum where European orchids are discussed in the Dutch language.  Section of the Werkgroep Europese Orchideeen website.  Netherlands.

Forum Europese Orchideeën