Orchids in the United Kingdom






Friendly group sharing an interest in growing orchids.  Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom.

Birmingham and Midland Orchid Society

Trade association for orchid nurseries and sundries traders.  The site features a list of members, diary of events, RHS judging information, and BOGA contacts page.  United Kingdom.

BOGA - British Orchid Growers Association

Group of orchid enthusiasts on the south coast of England.  Membership, photo gallery, journal, and events information.  Founded in 1959, and one of the earliest (1992) web sites on the Internet.  Bournemouth,  United Kingdom.

Bournemouth Orchid Society

Membership information, news, and events.  Bristol, England, United Kingdom.

Bristol and West of England Orchid Society

The BOC is the UK orchid world's umbrella organisation, bringing together amateur and commercial growers and the scientific community in a single forum. Founded 1971. United Kingdom.

British Orchid Council

Society for those interested in all types of Slipper Orchids.   International members welcome.  Founded in 1990.  United Kingdom.

British Paphiopedilum Society

Society events information, gallery, and history.  Founded 1956.  Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom.

Cambridge Orchid Society

Meetings and show dates, photos, membership, and contact information.  Founded 1956.  Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom.

Central Orchid Society

Membership information, events, and newletters.  Founded 1975.  Churchdown, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom.

Cheltenham and District Orchid Society

Membership and events information.  Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

Cheshire and North Wales Orchid Society

Meetings and activities information.  Founded in 2000.  Darlington, England, United Kingdom.

Darlington and District Orchid Society

Membership, shows, contact, and meetings information.  Newton Abbot, Devon, England, United Kingdom.

Devon Orchid Society

Membership, contact, and events information.  Orchid show photos.  Founded in 1976.  Halam, Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom.

East Midlands Orchid Society

Orchid collection open for public viewing.  Established in 1958 by the late Eric Young.  Victoria Village, Trinity,  Jersey, Channel Islands (British Crown dependencies).

Eric Young Orchid Foundation

Meeting and activity info.  Photos.  Cultivation and propagation tips.  United Kingdom.

Hardy Orchid Society

Friendly group, formed in the early 1980's, with members covering a wide range of orchid growing.  West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom.

Harrogate Orchid Society

Meetings, contact, and events information.  Barwell, Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom.

Hinckley and District Orchid Society

Events, photos, and membership information.  Waterford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

Lea Valley Orchid Society

Meetings, news, and contact information. Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom.

North Bucks Orchid Society

Meetings and activities information.  Founded 1987.  Durham, England, United Kingdom.

North East of England Orchid Society

Membership info, awards, photos, and culture notes.  Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom.

North Hampshire Orchid Society

Art gallery, orchid history, culture,  and events calendar.   Possibly the oldest orchid society in the world, founded in 1897.  Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

North of England Orchid Society

The OSSSU is a Darwin Initiative project designed to establish orchid seed banking around the globe (with the current focus on Asia and South and Central America).  Based at the Seed Conservation Department of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew at Wakehurst Place.

Orchid Seed Stores for Sustainable Use

Contact, membership, and events information.  Photo gallery and articles.  Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom.

Orchid Society of East Anglia