Orchids in California






Membership information, newsletters, and events.  The oldest orchid society (1937) on the West Coast of the USA.  Oakland, California.

Orchid Society of California

Membership and activity information.  Photo gallery.  Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Orchid Society of Santa Barbara

Society activities, photos, and membership info. Founded in 1940.  Meets monthly in Burbank, California, USA.

Orchid Society of Southern California

Providing access to the AOS awards system.   Images of awarded plants.  Hints for those interested in orchid photography.   Oakland and San Francisco, California, USA.

Pacific Central Judging Region

Membership information, newsletters, events, and photos.  Founded in 1965.  Carlsbad, California, USA.

Palomar Orchid Society

Meeting, contact, and event information.  Serving the San Francisco Peninsula.  Founded in 1946.  San Mateo, California, USA.

Peninsula Orchid Society

Membership, newsletters, and events information.  Founded in 1952.  Colton, California, USA.

Riverside-San Bernardino Counties Orchid Society

Membership and events information.    Library listing and meeting photos.  Virtual greenhouse tours.   Founded in 1947.  Sacramento, California, USA.

Sacramento Orchid Society

Members stimulate and extend the appreciation of cool growing orchids, and develop, acquire, and disseminate information concerning them.  Sacramento, California, USA.

Sacramento Valley Cymbidium Society

Membership information, newsletter, conservation program, show schedule, photo gallery, articles, and culture sheets.  San Diego, California, USA.

San Diego County Orchid Society

Learning about orchids in the company of friends.  Encino, California, USA.

San Fernando Valley Orchid Society

Membership, events, and meetings information.

San Francisco Orchid Society

Membership and activities info.  Arcadia, California, USA.

San Gabriel Valley Orchid Hobbyists

Contact, history, and ticket information.  Takes place each spring in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Santa Barbara International Orchid Show

Meetings and contact information.  Newsletters and schedule of events.  Founded in 1951.  San Jose, California, USA.

Santa Clara Valley Orchid Society

Meetings, activities, and contact information.  Santa Cruz, California, USA.

Santa Cruz Orchid Society

Events calendar, activities, news, and membership info.  Santa Rosa, California, USA.

Sonoma County Orchid Society

Orchids for amateurs.  Meeting info and photos.  Founded 1957.  Palos Verdes Peninsula, California, USA.

South Bay Orchid Society

Membership, activities, and contact information.  Long Beach, California, USA.

South Coast Orchid Society

Devoted to the culture, habitats, and conservation of orchid species. Orchid bloom chart (with photos) by month of the year.  Newsletters, activities, and contact information.  Placentia (northern Orange County), California, USA.

Southern California Orchid Species Society