Orchid Periodicals






Membership information, magazine, events calendar, culture notes, discussion forum, bookstore, software, gift shop, botanical garden, research, judging, conservation information, and more.  Founded in 1921.  Coral Gables, Florida, USA.

American Orchid Society - AOS

Dedicated to the cultivation, conservation, and scientific study of native orchids in the Australasian region. Membership, events, judging, and contact information.  Publisher of

ANOS - Australasian Native Orchid Society

Association activities and news.  List of the species found in Colombia. including a section on newly discovered species.  Quarterly publication

Asociación Bogotana de Orquideología

Official site of the Italian Orchidology Association.

Associazione Italiana di Orchidologia

AOC membership and

Australian Orchid Council/Orchids Australia

Membership information, discussion forum, and culture tips.  'CSA Journal' published six times a year.  Founded in 1946.  California, USA.

Cymbidium Society of America

Membership info, web forum, and mailing list.   Publishers of the quarterly journal

International Phalaenopsis Alliance

Membership information for the Lithuanian Orchid Society.  Events, news, orchid magazine, culture tips, photo gallery, and a discussion forum. Conservation and scientific study of native Lithuanian orchids.  Founded in 2010.  Vilnius, Lithuania.

Lietuvos Orchidėjininkų Draugija

Monthly publication devoted to the study of orchids.  International members welcome.  McAllen, Texas, USA.

McAllen International Orchid Society Journal

Dutch Orchid Society contact, activity, and meeting information.  Web-based discussion group.  Publishers of Orchideeën, a colour magazine.  Founded 1931.  The Netherlands.

Nederlandse Orchideeën Vereniging (NOV)

NZNOG members are from throughout New Zealand and abroad and are united in their strong interest in the native orchids of New Zealand.

New Zealand Native Orchid Group

History of the organization, slide programs, magazine, and affiliated society information.  Founded 1937.  Laguna Niguel, California, USA.

Orchid Digest

Journal (one volume annually) in Czech language (with English summary) focusing on tropical orchid taxonomy and ecological problems.  Published by the Czech Orchid Society.  Prague, Czech Republic.


Information on a diverse range of horticultural topics.  Founded in 1804, the RHS has over 270,000 members.  Publishers of the

RHS - Royal Horticultural Society

Membership, contact, and activities information. List of orchid species found in Colombia. Publishers of the magazine

Sociedad Colombiana de Orquideologia

Your link to the orchid growing community in South Africa.  Publisher of the journal  'Orchids South Africa'.  List of affiliated societies in South Africa.

South African Orchid Council

VDOF membership and

Vereinigung Deutscher Orchideenfreunde

News, activities, and information about Dutch and other European orchids.  Publishers of the magazine

Werkgroep Europese Orchideeën