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Diverse collection of shared orchid images.

Flickr: Orquídeas/Orchids

Photo group devoted to the orchid genus Sophronitis.

Flickr: Sophronitis

Photo gallery of orchids from several geographic locations.  Kazutoshi Moriya.  Japan.

Peacewood Orchid Photo Gallery

Orchid photographs from the Mount Cannibal Reserve. David L Piko.  Victoria, Australia.

David L Piko Photography

Database of over 6000 orchid photos, with filtering for blooming season, light requirements, distribution, and other criteria.  The site also features a calendar of orchid shows and events happening around-the-world.

Global Orchids.info

Photographs of orchid species in nature, and in the greenhouse.

Flickr: tontoro2001

Free, downloadable, orchid management program (for Windows).  The site also features a gallery of orchid images.  Ricci Zepmeusel.  Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Ricci's Orchids

Over 29,000 posted photos of orchid flowers can be found in this group.

Flickr: Orchid Amazing Flower

Keys, including many photographs, of the orchid species found on the island of Sumatra.  Tun Jang. Rokan Hulu Regency, Riau, Indonesia.

Wild Orchids in Sumatra

Orchid photographs, mostly of species, by Kean Hooi Wong.

Flickr: Kean Hooi Wong

 Photos of orchid species and hybrids are posted in this group.

Flickr: Orchid Around the World

Photo gallery.   International orchid show schedule.  Determination keys for selected genera.  Jean-Marie Vanderwinden. Belgium.

Jean Marie's Orchid Pages

Orchid photography, resources, culture info, and growing supplies.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ravenvision Orchid Experience

Phalaenopsis photographs are featured, while other genera are also included.  France.

Phalaenopsis, a photograph...

Photographs of a diverse selection of (mainly tropical) orchids.  France.


Asian orchid species, with many of them photographed in the wild.  Pengkalan Hulu, Hulu Perak, Malaysia.

Flickr: ChakiJ

Group focusing on Neofinetia species and varieties.

Flickr: Neofinetia

Photo gallery of European native orchids including Epipactis, Cephalanthera, Gymnadenia, Spiranthes, Ophrys, Orchis, and Anacamptis.  Csábi Miklós.  Hungary.

Csábi Miklós Nature Photos

Orchid information with the main focus currently on building a large photo gallery and expanded orchid cultivation section.  The site also features a forum for discussing a variety of orchid topics.  Jan Ciepłucha, Chris Ubysz, Alexander Fiwek, Anna Fryś, and Ilona Kowalska.  Poland.


Photos of orchids from the genus Stelis.

Flickr: Stelis

Costa Rica nature photographs including Pleurothallids, with some new species.  Daniel Mclaren.  Cartago, Costa Rica.

Flickr: Daniel-CR

Group exclusively for pictures of Paphiopedilum primary hybrids.

Flickr: Paphiopedilum Hybride Primaire

Photos of many of the terrestrial orchids found in New Zealand.

Flickr: New Zealand Native Orchids

Search database for references to pictures in orchid books, grower catalogues, and periodicals.  Bob Betts/London Orchid Society.  London, Ontario, Canada.

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