Orchid Photography






Costa Rica nature photographs including Pleurothallids, with some new species.  Daniel Mclaren.  Cartago, Costa Rica.

Flickr: Daniel-CR

Cymbidium photo gallery and information source created by an orchid enthusiast.  Ha Bui.  USA.

Cymbidiums Connection

Photos of many of the terrestrial orchids found in New Zealand.

Flickr: New Zealand Native Orchids

Orchids found in Europe photographed in their natural environment.

Flickr: European Orchids

Pictures of the Cattleya family of orchids, both hybrids and species.

Flickr: Cattleya (Laeliinae) Orchids, Hybrids and Species

If you know what orchid is in your photo, you are welcome to post it in this group.

Flickr: Orchids Identified

Orchid information including descriptions, culture, and photos.  Aleš Dvořák.  Czech Republic.

Black Orchids

Orchid species and hybrid photos.   Koichi Fujino (SyuTyuSen).  Tokyo, Japan.

Orchid Photo Album by SyuTyuSen

Orchid information with the main focus currently on building a large photo gallery and expanded orchid cultivation section.  The site also features a forum for discussing a variety of orchid topics.  Jan Ciepłucha, Chris Ubysz, Alexander Fiwek, Anna Fryś, and Ilona Kowalska.  Poland.


Photos of Australian native orchids, not necessarily identified or in flower.

Flickr: Orchids of Australia

Orchid photographs, mostly of species, by Kean Hooi Wong.

Flickr: Kean Hooi Wong

Photos of orchid species from the genus Porroglossum.

Flickr: Porroglossum

Photo gallery.   International orchid show schedule.  Determination keys for selected genera.  Jean-Marie Vanderwinden. Belgium.

Jean Marie's Orchid Pages

Photos of identified Bulbophyllum species and hybrids.

Flickr: Bulbophyllum

Photos of orchids, considered by the posting photographers, to be a mini.

Flickr: Miniature Orchids

Showcasing, through images and descriptions, the beauty and diversity of European orchids.  Ivar Edvinsen.  Sweden.

Europas orkidéer

Search database for references to pictures in orchid books, grower catalogues, and periodicals.  Bob Betts/London Orchid Society.  London, Ontario, Canada.

Orchid Pictures Query

Free, downloadable, orchid management program (for Windows).  The site also features a gallery of orchid images.  Ricci Zepmeusel.  Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Ricci's Orchids

Orchid photographs by an orchid enthusiast located in Malaysia.

Flickr: Dr. Izah's Collection

Photographs, arranged into genera, of many of the native orchids found in Australia's southwest region.  A printed calendar, featuring orchid photos, is offered.  Western Australia, Australia.

Terrestrial Orchids of South-West Australia

Orchid species, hybrids, and greenhouse photographs.  Roman Maruska.  Chrastava, Czech Republic.

Orchid Club Labellum

Photos of orchid flowers, greenhouses, and events.  Tommy Ljunggren.  Sweden.

Flickr: Tommy Ljunggren

Photos of orchid species cultivated outside in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Flickr: WildOrc

Photo group focussing on Coelogyne species and hybrids.

Flickr: Coelogyne