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Photographs, arranged into genera, of many of the native orchids found in Australia's southwest region.  A printed calendar, featuring orchid photos, is offered.  Western Australia, Australia.

Terrestrial Orchids of South-West Australia

Over 29,000 posted photos of orchid flowers can be found in this group.

Flickr: Orchid Amazing Flower

Photos of orchids from the genus Stelis.

Flickr: Stelis

Cymbidium photo gallery and information source created by an orchid enthusiast.  Ha Bui.  USA.

Cymbidiums Connection

Photographs of orchids found in the webmaster's greenhouse.

Les Orchidées d' Eorchids

Photos of many orchids, with an emphasis on the miniature and Japanese, and orchid events.  Peter T. Lin.  California, USA.

Flickr: mini-catts

Native orchids occurring in Papua New Guinea are featured.  Dendrobium, Coelogyne, Bulbophyllum, Spathoglottis, Dendrochilum, Liparis, Vanda, and other genera are shown.  Photographs by Nicole and Robert Westerveld.

PNG Orchids

Australian native orchid photos, both terrestrial and epiphyte, are welcome in this group.

Flickr: Australian Native Orchids

Orchid photographs by an orchid enthusiast located in Malaysia.

Flickr: Dr. Izah's Collection

Photographs of orchids found in Europe, including Anacamptis, Cypripedium, Dactylorhiza, Epipactis, Ophrys, and Orchis.  Nicolas Helitas.  France.

Nicolas Helitas - Nature Photographer

Over 17,000 pictures of orchids are posted in this Flickr group.

Flickr: Orchidaceae

Pictures of orchids in their natural environments.

Flickr: Wild Orchids

Database of over 6000 orchid photos, with filtering for blooming season, light requirements, distribution, and other criteria.  The site also features a calendar of orchid shows and events happening around-the-world.

Global Orchids.info

Photos of terrestrial orchids, from anywhere on the planet, are welcome in this group.

Flickr: Terrestrial Orchids

Photographs of wild orchids observed in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France.

Images de Saisons - Orchidées du Languedoc

Maxillaria and related genera are the focus of this photo group.

Flickr: Maxillaria

Group exclusively for pictures of Paphiopedilum primary hybrids.

Flickr: Paphiopedilum Hybride Primaire

Photographs of a diverse selection of (mainly tropical) orchids.  France.


Quality images of terrestrial orchids native to tropical habitats.  Pieter C. Brouwer.  Netherlands.

Terrestrial Tropical Orchids

Images of Neofinetia falcata orchids grown by an enthusiast in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Japanese Neofinetia Orchid

Sharing their home orchid growing hobby with articles, photos, and videos.  Red Hill, Queensland, Australia.

Nat's Orchids

Diverse collection of shared orchid images.

Flickr: Orquídeas/Orchids

 Photos of orchid species and hybrids are posted in this group.

Flickr: Orchid Around the World

Costa Rica nature photographs including Pleurothallids, with some new species.  Daniel Mclaren.  Cartago, Costa Rica.

Flickr: Daniel-CR