Orchid Photography






Group members post photos of Cattleya species and hybrids.

Flickr: Cattleya

Asian orchid species, with many of them photographed in the wild.  Pengkalan Hulu, Hulu Perak, Malaysia.

Flickr: ChakiJ

Photo group focussing on Coelogyne species and hybrids.

Flickr: Coelogyne

Photos of species and hybrid Cymbidiums.

Flickr: Cymbidium Orchids Only

Costa Rica nature photographs including Pleurothallids, with some new species.  Daniel Mclaren.  Cartago, Costa Rica.

Flickr: Daniel-CR

Group for posting photos of Dendrobium species and hybrids.

Flickr: Dendrobium Orchids

Photography group for people interested in Dendrobium species.

Flickr: Dendrobium Species

Photographs of orchids, vivarium construction, cats (the four-legged variety), and more.  Karma Forester (orchidkarma). Gothenburg, Sweden.

Flickr: Karma Forester

Orchid photographs, mostly of species, by Kean Hooi Wong.

Flickr: Kean Hooi Wong

Photo group focussed on the orchid genus Lepanthes.

Flickr: Lepanthes

Collection of orchid images, of a large selection of genera, by Luiz Filipe Varella in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Flickr: Luiz Filipe Varella

Images (close-up and at high resolution) of native orchids, sometimes with their insect visitors, found on the island.  Peter Fehre.  Blackmans Bay, Tasmania, Australia.

Flickr: Macro Orchids Tasmania

Maxillaria and related genera are the focus of this photo group.

Flickr: Maxillaria

Photos of many orchids, with an emphasis on the miniature and Japanese, and orchid events.  Peter T. Lin.  California, USA.

Flickr: mini-catts

Photos of orchids, considered by the posting photographers, to be a mini.

Flickr: Miniature Orchids

Group focusing on Neofinetia species and varieties.

Flickr: Neofinetia

Photos of many of the terrestrial orchids found in New Zealand.

Flickr: New Zealand Native Orchids

Over 29,000 posted photos of orchid flowers can be found in this group.

Flickr: Orchid Amazing Flower

 Photos of orchid species and hybrids are posted in this group.

Flickr: Orchid Around the World

Photos of orchid species and hybrids.

Flickr: Orchid n Orchids

Orchid species images, primarily Phalaenopsis and Bulbophyllums, in Malaysia.

Flickr: Orchid Trekker

Over 17,000 pictures of orchids are posted in this Flickr group.

Flickr: Orchidaceae

If you know what orchid is in your photo, you are welcome to post it in this group.

Flickr: Orchids Identified

Photos of Australian native orchids, not necessarily identified or in flower.

Flickr: Orchids of Australia