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Application for organizing your orchids on a Mac. Photos, watering schedules, notes, flowering details, fragrance, dimensions, and more. Andrew Nicolle. USA.

Orchid Album (Mac)

iPhone/iPod touch/iPad app for iOS 4.0 or later that allows orchid growers to track their collections and wish lists in a database.  Features includes the ability to enter photos of your orchids and a reference guide.  Wish list and collection information can be exported out of the app.

Orchid Notebook

Online record keeping software for orchid collectors. Stores data on species, specimens, contacts, maintenance activities, expenses, and more for your collection. OrchidGuru works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Mobile (iPhone, iPad, iPod) app for organizing your orchids.   Photos, watering schedules, notes, flowering details, fragrance, dimensions, and more.  Andrew Nicolle.  USA.

Orchid Album (iOS)

A personal data management system designed with orchid growers in mind.  Online community and information repository for commercial orchid growers, hybridizers, advanced hobbyists and My Orchid Vault customers.  Owned and operated by Sapphire Dragon Orchids.  San Fernando Valley, California, USA.

Orchid Vault

Orchid encyclopedia with information on more than 160,000 hybrids and over 30,000 species.  Awards data, images, flowering times, and more.  Runs on Windows systems.  Louisville, Colorado, USA.


Membership information, magazine, events calendar, culture notes, discussion forum, bookstore, software, gift shop, botanical garden, research, judging, conservation information, and more.  Founded in 1921.  Coral Gables, Florida, USA.

American Orchid Society - AOS

Orchid Guy

Conserving the remnant native vegetation found around Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills area.  Field guide of local orchids and a DVD are available.  Established 2006.  Robert Lawrence.  South Australia, Australia.

Heritage Bushcare

Orchid CD-ROM developer.  Tables of flowering times.  Photo gallery.  Greg Steenbeeke.  Inverell, New South Wales, Australia.

Orkology Kreations

Film series by orchid curator Stig Dalström and nature filmmaker Darryl Saffer.  The pilot episode centers around the Ghost Orchid and was filmed in the Fakahatchee Strand Reserve (Florida).  A DVD and signed prints are available.  New series on Peruvian orchids.  Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Wild Orchid Man

Free, downloadable, orchid management program (for Windows).  The site also features a gallery of orchid images.  Ricci Zepmeusel.  Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Ricci's Orchids

Windows-based orchid database allows you to search

Wildcatt Database Company

Behind the scenes peek into an orchid world full of eccentric characters, petty rivalries, competitive judging, hunters, smugglers, and thieves.  DVD and video on demand available.  An independent film by Rich Walton.  Long Beach, California, USA.

The Judge, the Hunter, the Thief and the Black Orchid

Windows application for organizing your orchids on your PC. Photos, watering schedules, notes, flowering details, fragrance, dimensions, and more. Andrew Nicolle. USA.

Orchid Album (Windows)

Orchid species and CD-ROMs are offered for sale.  Winfried Schraut and Herbert Schildhauer.  Ismaning, Bavaria, Germany.

Orchids & More...

Source for selected plants and information on Brazilian orchids.  Botanical illustrations available by Maria Cristina Miranda.  Several CD-ROMs also available.  Established 1999.  Francisco Miranda.  Haines City, Florida, USA.

Miranda Orchids

Maps, photos, descriptions of native orchids in Germany.  INKA 2000 program available for download (Windows).  Horst Kretzschmar.  Bad Hersfeld, Germany.


Information about small orchid growers in Northern Peru.  Simple accomodations close to Moyobamba.   CD available with information and photos of Peruvian orchid species.  Peru.


Interactive Orchid CD-ROM with more than 9,400 orchid photos, 20 chapters on orchid care, and orchid clasification.  English, Spanish, German and Dutch Orchid CD-ROM versions.  Dieren, The Netherlands.

MöhltiMedia Publishing