Orchid Supplies






Orchid stands made with perforated aluminum trays and aluminum frames.  Established 1986.  Sunrise, Florida, USA.

Plant Stand Factory

Orchid potting media, fertilizers, and baskets offered.   Cattleya, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Phalaenopis, and Vanda culture notes.    Established in 1956.  West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Better-Gro / Sun Bulb Company

Offering accessories to orchid enthusiasts thoughout the Sydney area and the rest of Australia.  Peter Meyer and Samantha Stevens.  Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia.

Orchid Tray Company

Fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, potting media, clay pots, treefern, baskets, and other orchid supplies are available.  Orlando, Florida, USA.

Tropical Plant Products

Unique red, white, and black clay pots designed especially for orchids.  Kim Barry-Van Voris.  Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, USA.

Clay Trout Pottery

Orchidariums to create an optimum environment for orchid growth and display are offered.  Design, installation, and servicing is available. The site also features a short encyclopedia of major genera and how to grow them.   Bulgaria.

Universe Orchid

Natural volcanic stones for use as an orchid medium.  Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Gemma Watering Stones

Hardware designed to hang your orchids anywhere. St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.


Orchid growing supplies including lighting, orchidariums, and Epiweb products.  Jenny Linds.  Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden.

Dusk Tropic

Several products offered for use as organic orchid growing media.  Christchurch, New Zealand.


Orchids and ceramic ware offered for sale.  The site also features articles about orchids and available speaking programs.  Marni Turkel.  Santa Rosa, California, USA.

Stony Point Ceramic Design

Suppliers of bark for use as an orchid growing medium.  Established in 2000.  Hans and Anita van de Ven.  Taranaki, New Zealand.

Taranaki Bark Products

Growing supplies and plants, including clear plastic pots, cute plant clips, pre-washed coconut husk mix, fertilizers, baskets, AAA New Zealand Sphagnum and more.  Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

Quarter Acre Orchids

Supplies, including lights, pots, baskets, substrates, and fertilizers for Spanish orchid enthusiasts.   Valencia, Spain.


Plastic containers designed for orchids that can be used as a hanging basket or pot.   Huntington Beach, California, USA.

Ultimate Orchid Basket

Online catalog of orchid growing supplies available.  Bad Mergentheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Paula's Orchids Accessories

Orchids and supplies available.  Also offering seminars, consultations, repotting services, and workshops.  Neenah, Wisconsin, USA.

Goin' To Pot Orchids

Products and information on growing orchids in hydroculture.  Surf City, New Jersey, USA.

Interior Water Gardens - Hydroculture Oasis

Manufacturer and distributor of organic coconut products for use in orchid mixes.  Broomall, Pennsylvania, USA.


Custom made orchid mixes and supplies offered.  Maryland, USA.


Wholesale suppliers of Orchiata bark and Spagmoss (NZ sphagnum moss) orchid growing media.  Established 2009.  Mooresville, North Carolina, USA.

Acadian Supply

Orchid plant stakes, 33 to 55 cm. long, created with glass.  Haselbach/Thüringer Wald, Germany.

Glaskunst Zange

Importer and wholesaler of pine bark from Sumatra, Indonesia for the Thai domestic market.  Orchid plants planned for future availability.  Woranittha Koenig. Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Conzoft Orchid

Greenhouses and orchid supplies available.  Charley & Carol Yaw.  Mount Vernon, Washington, USA.

Charley's Greenhouse & Garden