Orchid Travel






Several projects aimed at conserving the orchids of Laos, while helping local people to develop alternative sources of income.  Orchid treks up the Nam Mang River by boat then by trail alongside the Houay Xay River.  Vientiane, Laos.

Vientiane Orchidées

Tours of orchid-rich areas in Thailand and Vietnam.  South East Asian orchid species available for sale.  Established in 1990.  Peter Williams.   Mae Tang (about 40 km. north of Chiang Mai), Thailand.

Mae Tang Orchids

Orchid species and hybrids offered domestically and for international sales.  Orchid tours through natural habitat available.  Cuenca, Ecuador.


Accommodations, eco-tours, and orchids courses are available.  Orchid species and hybrids are also grown on location.  Sáchica, Boyacá, Colombia.

Orquídeas en Casa de Anny

Orchid species, hybrid varieties, and growing supplies available.  Videos, guest cottages, and a webcam are also featured.  Established 1996.  Neill and Fely Sams.  Kapa'a (on Kauai), Hawaii, USA.

Orchid Alley Kauai

Orchid species and hybrids offered.   Tours into the Ecuadorean Jungle.  Over 20 years experience.  Eduardo Sanchez.  Cuenca, Ecuador.

Orquideas de Los Andes

Orchid information and tours around the Iguazu Falls area of South America.  English guide.  Marcelo Choulet.  Argentina

Paseos entre Orquìdeas

Blog covering an interesting mix of orchid topics with a focus on Pleurothallid Alliance culture.   Karma Forester.  Gothenburg, Sweden.

Orchid Karma

Selection of orchid species and hybrids offered.  Bed and Breakfast accomodations available.  Monica Iraci and Luigi Callini.  Belgirate (VB), Italy.

Le Orchidee del Lago Maggiore

Over 800 orchid species from Brazil, Papua New Guinea, and Africa available.  Trips.  Established in 1975.  Durham, United Kingdom.

Equatorial Plant Company

Information about Costa Rican orchids, with photographs.  Geoff McCabe.  Montezuma, Costa Rica.


Orchids offered for sale (retail and wholesale).  Culture tips, tours, and computer wallpaper.  Temascaltepec, Edo de Mexico, Mexico.

Orquideas Rio Verde

Film series by orchid curator Stig Dalström and nature filmmaker Darryl Saffer.  The pilot episode centers around the Ghost Orchid and was filmed in the Fakahatchee Strand Reserve (Florida).  A DVD and signed prints are available.  New series on Peruvian orchids.  Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Wild Orchid Man

Variety of orchids and other plants offered for sale.  An ecological walk through the rainforest is also available.  Also known as Aranda Orchids.  Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Accomodation with a selection of orchids available from the nursery.  Established 1999.  Stephen Van Belkum & Howard Eades.  KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Stephward Estate

Specializing in Vandaceous and Cattleya Alliance species and hybrids.  Other genera also offered.  Tours to exciting destinations worldwide.  Robert Fuchs and Michael Coronado.  Homestead, Florida, USA.

R. F. Orchids

Landscaped tropical gardens established in 1999 by David and Dorothy Dowd.  Orchid tours planned for Bali and Java.  Located 10 minutes north of Sanur, Bali, Indonesia.

Bali Orchid Garden

Orchid exporter and laboratory.  Cultivating tips, orchid tours, and photos.  Established 1992.  Jose Portilla.  Several locations in Ecuador.


Photos and descriptions of Madagascar and the orchids found there.  Dominique Karadjoff.  France.

Madagascar et ses Orchidees

Information about small orchid growers in Northern Peru.  Simple accomodations close to Moyobamba.   CD available with information and photos of Peruvian orchid species.  Peru.


Horticulture travel with planned trips to several countries.  Roswell, Georgia, USA.

Plant Adventures