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OrchidWire is designed, coded, and maintained by Wendell Kozak. I live on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada's mainland.

Pollinia: Network Orchid Resources

I started this project in 1996 as "Pollinia". Pollinia was a web directory, combined with a web crawler, that indexed only orchid-related sites. Both the crawling and serving was done over a dedicated 56K modem!


In 1999 I registered the orchidwire.com domain name. Since that time the site has undergone many changes.

Orchid Organizations 713 Organizations
Orchid Vendors 913 Vendors
Other Orchid Resources 421 Others

If you know of a site (with at least some focus on orchids) not listed here, please send me the URL.

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OrchidWire is visited by people from over 120 countries every month. I hope you enjoy your visit here, and discover many interesting sites about orchids. Please come back often!


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