Orchid Blogs






Orchid photographer and illustrator, Max Fulcher, writes about orchids and other interesting topics in his blog.  Queensland, Australia.

MaX's Orchid House

There are lots of pictures in this blog by a Venezuelan orchid enthusiast.

Miguel's Orchids

Focusing on small species, this blog features orchid photos, many of them in the rainforests of Central and South America.  Pontus.  Gothenburg, Sweden.

Miniature Orchids

Asian gardening blog posts, with a focus on orchid photographs.

My Little Raudah

Home orchid grower blog covering a range of topics.  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

My Orchids Journal

A photographic record of the beautiful, and often rare, native orchids that can be found in the area.  Lynden, Washington, USA.

Native Orchids of the Pacific NW and Canadian Rockies

Blog by Kamal Prasad Acharya featuring the native orchids of Nepal.

Nepali Orchids

Blog covering a variety of orchid topics including growing in the tropics, photos, culture, nursery, and Internet resources.  Soerjo Winarto.  Cileungsi, West Java, Indonesia.


Orchid care and maintenance articles by Carol in Florida, USA.

Orchid Care Lady

Content includes photographs of orchid species and hybrids, recommended orchid sites, recommended orchid books, tips for orchid care under Greek climate conditions.  Greece.

Orchid Growing in Greece

Photos and stories about looking for orchids in the mountain rainforests of Costa Rica.  A blog by Pontus from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Orchid Hunter

Blog covering an interesting mix of orchid topics with a focus on Pleurothallid Alliance culture.   Karma Forester.  Gothenburg, Sweden.

Orchid Karma

Feeding your orchid-growing habit. This site is for indoor growers specializing in compact, fragrant orchids and for people interested in native orchids, orchid history, and orchid couture.  Erica Hannickel.  Wisconsin, USA.

Orchid Muse

Orchid pictures and musings from Duane McDowell, author of The Orchid Picture Book.  Minnesota, USA.

Orchid Picture Blog

From books to music to species, this blog covers a wide range of orchid topics.  Zulkifli.  Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia.


Blog promoting the preservation of tropical orchid habitats and biodiversity.  Olga Caussade.  Charenton le Pont, France.


Orchid news and information from around the world.  Jenn, Naomi, and Sasha.  Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.


Searchable information on Phragmipedium, Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, and Vanda hybrids, including parentage graphs.  Blog featuring photos, videos, and growing notes.  Canada.


A blog for orchid fans, with news and features about orchids, past and present.  Pamela Kelt.  United Kingdom.


The orchids of South Australia are featured including art, videos, photos, articles, and identification guide information.  Multiple contributors.  South Australia, Australia.


An orchid hobbyist blogs about growing and blooming tropical orchids in the American Midwest.   Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Orchids Alive in Zone 5

Blog with orchid information including photos.  Lang Son City, Vietnam.

Orchids Blog

Observations and images about how to bring miniature orchids into flower.  Cadillac, Michigan, USA.

Orchids by Ross

The ins and outs of growing orchids in a closet located somewhere in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Orchids in a Closet