Orchids in North Carolina






Group of individuals sharing a common interest in natural history, and the native orchids of North America in particular.  Founded 2003.  North Carolina, USA.

Native Orchid Conference

Nutrients and additives specially formulated to work well with orchids.  Ray Barkalow.  Oak Island, North Carolina, USA.

First Rays

Membership info, growing tips, and newsletter.  Member home pages.  Durham, North Carolina, USA.

Triangle Orchid Society

Educating members and the general public in the areas of growing, exhibiting, and conserving orchids.  Membership, events, and contact information.  Photo gallery and classifieds section.  Founded in 1990.  Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

NC Piedmont Orchid Society

Orchid images from AOS judging and private collections.  Hardcover book

Orchid Photo Page

Events calendar, photo gallery, newsletters, growing tips, and membership information.  Founded in 1962.  Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

Western North Carolina Orchid Society

Group with members from the Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem region.  Newsletters, events, and contact information.  Colfax, North Carolina, USA.

Triad Orchid Society

Cattleya photos and culture tips.  Orchid talks for groups can be arranged.  Plant divisions sometimes available.  Keith Davis.  Reidsville, North Carolina, USA.

Keith Davis Orchids

Selection of species and hybrids offered.  Linda Thorne.  Seagrove, North Carolina, USA.

Seagrove Orchids

Specializing in Oncidium Alliance.  Rolf and Linda Wilhelm.  Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Woodland Orchids

Breeders of complex Paphiopedilum hybrids with an emphasis on pinks and whites.  Seedlings, flasks, and divisions offered.  Photos.  Hadley Cash.  Kernersville, North Carolina, USA.

Marriott Orchids

Serving the Carolina's for all their AOS judging needs.  Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

Carolinas Judging Center

Wholesale suppliers of Orchiata bark and Spagmoss (NZ sphagnum moss) orchid growing media.  Established 2009.  Mooresville, North Carolina, USA.

Acadian Supply

Membership and activity information.  Growing tips and show table results.  Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

Cape Fear Orchid Society

Membership and contact info.  Photos.  Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA.

Sandhills Orchid Society

Large selection of orchid hybrids and species available.  Orchid care services.  John Stanton.  Morrisville, North Carolina, USA.

Orchid Trail

Selection of several genera offered.  Hickory, North Carolina, USA.

Ironwood Estate Orchids

Specializing in Cattleya with several other genera available.  Provides some tips on how to select orchids that will do well for you.  Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.