Orchids in South Australia






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Australian Orchid Council/Orchids Australia

Caladenias, Cyaniculas, Diuris, Drakaeas, Prasophyllums, Thelymitras and other native species of Western Australia and South Australia.  Photographs by Pascal Pernot and  E. Delannoy.

Caladenia: Orchids of Southern Australia

Promoting the propagation, scientific and cultural knowledge of orchids.  Affiliated with the South Australian Regional Orchid Council.  Meetings in Brooklyn Park, South Australia, Australia.

South Australian Orchidaceous Society

Meetings, contact, and activities information.  Founded in 1939.  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

Orchid Club of South Australia

The orchids of South Australia are featured including art, videos, photos, articles, and identification guide information.  Multiple contributors.  South Australia, Australia.


Specializing in Zygopetalums, Cymbidiums, and Paphiopedilums.  Des, Jason, and Kirsten Bettche.  Established 1962.  Flinders Park, South Australia, Australia.

Adelaide Orchids

Specializing in Zygopetalums and offering seedlings from flask to flowering size.  Also, speaking engagements available.  Stephen Monkhouse.  Murray Bridge, South Australia, Australia.

Stephen Monkhouse Orchids

Conserving the remnant native vegetation found around Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills area.  Field guide of local orchids and a DVD are available.  Established 2006.  Robert Lawrence.  South Australia, Australia.

Heritage Bushcare

Photos of wild orchids occurring in South Australia.  Species list, common names, and flowering seasons.  South Australia, Australia.

Gallery of South Australian Orchids

Area representative organization for the Australian Orchid Council.  Member information, events calendar, and photos.  South Australia, Australia.

South Australian Regional Orchid Council

Orchid species and hybrids, tissue culture medium, keiki paste, and laboratory services offered. DVD available showing medium preparation, sterilisation, sowing, and replating of a green pod. Established in 1985.  Kevin Western.  Blackwood, South Australia, Australia.

Western Orchids

Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, and orchids from other genera, available for sale.  Nicky Zurcher.  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

Nicky's Slippers

Zygopetalum specialist grower also offering several other genera.  Lab services for green pods.  Brian Lyttle.  Aberfoyle Park, South Australia, Australia.

Lyttle Orchid Clones

Affiliated with the Australasian Council of Native Orchid Societies.  Membership and activity information.  Growing, photographing, propagating and conserving native Australian orchids are some of the group's main projects.

Native Orchid Society of South Australia

Importer and wholesaler of Singapore orchids and tropical leaves to local florists.  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

Claudine's Orchids

Group of enthusiasts formed to promote an interest in Cymbidiums.  Membership, photos, events, and contact information.  Tusmore, South Australia, Australia.

Cymbidium Orchid Club of South Australia

Wholesale grower of Cymbidium orchids.  Glenn Heylen.  Penfield, South Australia, Australia.

Easy Orchids

Promoting the love of all things orchid.  Photos, comments, and meetings information.  Founded in 1975.  Murray Bridge, South Australia, Australia.

Murray Bridge Districts Orchid Club

Nursery offering Cymbidium varieties from flasks to flowering size plants.  Mile End, South Australia, Australia.

Valley Orchids

Friendly club with an interest in growing and showing all species of orchids.  Founded 1977.  Berri, South Australia, Australia.

Riverland Orchid Society