Orchids in Texas






News, awards, culture articles, photos, and membership information.  Founded 1946.  Dallas, Texas, USA.

Greater North Texas Orchid Society

Meeting info, events, and newletter articles.  Culture notes.  Founded in 1945.  Houston, Texas, USA.

Houston Orchid Society

Membership, events, and meetings information.  Photo gallery.   Founded in 1961.  Austin, Texas, USA.

Heart O' Texas Orchid Society

Orchids and growing supplies available.  Liz and Don O'Toole.  San Antonio, Texas, USA.

E. D. Huntington Orchids and Tropicals

Phalaenopsis species and hybrids are offered.  Discussion forum, culture notes, IPA Journal articles, species list, and photo gallery.  Peter Lin.  Irving, Texas, USA.

Big Leaf Orchids

Monthly publication devoted to the study of orchids.  International members welcome.  McAllen, Texas, USA.

McAllen International Orchid Society Journal

Variety of orchid species and hybrids offered.  Compots and flasks.  Aged cedar.  Susana and Todd Miller. Dripping Springs (near Austin), Texas, USA.

Miller's Tropicals of Texas

Events, contact, photos, and membership information.  Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

Fort Worth Orchid Society

Activities, membership, and contact information.  Founded 1961.  Weslaco, Texas, USA.

Tip of Texas Orchid Society

Providing a learning experience for members and to promote an interest in orchids among the public.  Tyler, Texas, USA.

Central East Texas Orchid Society

Events, photos, membership, and contact details.  New Braunfels, Texas, USA.

Gruene Orchid Society

Orchid articles and lectures on several genera including Stanhopea, Gongora, Acineta, Cirrhaea, Peristeria, Schlimmia, Sievekingia, Soterosanthus, Sobralia, Elleanthus, Fregea, and Palmorchis.  Nina Rach.  Houston, Texas,  USA.

Autre Vie Orchids

Contact info, articles, and awards.  AOS area events.  Houston, Texas, USA.

Houston Judging Center

Culture notes, photographs, and sales of Catasetums, Mormodes, Clowesia, Cycnoches, and their hybrids.  Stephen Moffitt and Sue Bottom.  Texas, USA.


Events, meetings, and news for this group near Houston.  Founded 1975.  Nassau Bay, Texas, USA.

Galveston Bay Orchid Society

Orchids and other plants and flowers available for delivery in the region (formerly Gunter's Greenhouse & Florist).  Dallas, Texas, USA.

Dr Delphinium Designs & Events

Specializing in orchids for sale, lease or rentals for a day.  Over 300 blooming orchids in the store.  Lee Rowell.  Houston, Texas, USA.

Orchid Express and Leasing

Selection of orchids and accessories offered.  Santa Fe, Texas, USA.

Orchids and Tropicals

As well as many other plants, orchids known to grow well in Central Texas, and orchid growing supplies are available.  Marble Falls, Texas, USA.

Backbone Valley Nursery