Orchids in Germany






Group news, activities, membership, and contact information.  Priority is placed on the preservation of local orchid populations.  Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Arbeitskreis Heimische Orchideen : Schleswig-Holstein

Meeting and contact info.  European orchid photos.  Email postcards, forum, and shop.  Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

Arbeitskreis Heimische Orchideen : Baden-Württemberg

Information, including mapping, of local orchid populations.  Munich, Germany.

Arbeitskreis Heimische Orchideen : Bayern

Working group dedicated to European native species, their biology, distribution, habitat requirements, and preserving the remaining populations.  Founded in 1998.  Hamburg, Germany.

Arbeitskreis Heimische Orchideen : Hamburg

Information concerning the Hessen branch of the AHO.  Germany.

Arbeitskreis Heimische Orchideen : Hessen

Studying, mapping, and protecting the native orchids of Lower Saxony.  Founded 1981.  Niedersachsen, Germany.

Arbeitskreis Heimische Orchideen : Niedersachsen

Information about orchids occurring in the region.  Activities, photos, membership, and contact information.  North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Arbeitskreis Heimische Orchideen : Nordrhein-Westfalen des BUND NW

Protecting local orchids and their habitats.   The site features many photos and orchid descriptions.  Founded in 1981.  Germany.

Arbeitskreis Heimische Orchideen : Rheinland-Pfalz / Saarland

Group committed to the conservation of indigenous orchids found in the region.  The site features photos and descriptions of local orchids, and a book is available.   Founded 1961.  Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

Arbeitskreis Heimische Orchideen : Sachsen-Anhalt

Meetings, news, and contact information.  Photos and mapping of the indigenous orchids found around Thüringen.  Uhlstädt-Kirchhasel, Germany.

Arbeitskreis Heimische Orchideen : Thüringen

Activities, membership, contact, and orchid culture information.  Danube-Iller region, Germany.

Deutsche Orchideen Gesellschaft : Donau-Iller

Information about orchids and this group located in northern Bavaria.  Nuremberg, Germany.

Deutsche Orchideen Gesellschaft : Nordbayern

Orchid culture notes, membership, events, and contact information.  Monthly dinner meetings, lectures, and trips.  Founded in 1906.  Berlin, Germany.

Deutsche Orchideen Gesellschaft : Berlin

Show photos, membership, news, events, and contact information. Dresden, Free State of Saxony, Germany.

Deutsche Orchideen Gesellschaft : Gruppe Dresden

Members of this group have an interest in growing exotic orchids.  Activities, photos, and contact information.  Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany.

Deutsche Orchideen Gesellschaft : Ingolstadt-Mittelbayern

Group activities, photos, history, and contact information.  Founded 1986.  Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Deutsche Orchideen Gesellschaft : Karlruhe / Mittelbaden

Activities, membership, photos, and contact information.  Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Deutsche Orchideen Gesellschaft : Landesgruppe Württemberg

Group history, membership information, and events.  Founded in 1961.  Munich, Germany.

Deutsche Orchideen Gesellschaft : München-Südbayern

Membership and activities information.  Founded 1955.  Cologne, Germany.

Deutsche Orchideen Gesellschaft : Rheinland

German Orchid Society membership, contact, and local groups information. Founded in 1906. Germany.

Deutsche Orchideen-Gesellschaft

D.O.F.H. contact, meetings, glossary, and activities info.  Hamburg, Germany.

Die Orchideen-Freunde Hamburg

Enthusiasts meeting monthly in a restaurant to discuss orchids.  Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.


Exhibitions, meetings, and contact information.  Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock , North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Orchideen Club Senne

Membership information and photo gallery.   Monthly meetings held in Mannheim-Feudenheim.  Kurpfalz (Upper Rhine River Valley), Germany.

Orchideen-Gesellschaft Kurpfalz